20 Set | Bag Luck Bag Rack Clean White 45" Table, Home, Restaurant, Hotel, Spa, Medical Office, Conference, Bar

$2,394.00 $5,777.00

Title:  Bag Luck Bag Rack Clean White 45" Table, Home, Restaurant, Hotel, Spa, Medical Office, Conference, Bar

Product: Bag Luck Bag Rack Clean White 45"

Height: 45" 

Color: Clean White

Product Description:  Introducing the Bag Luck Bag Rack Bag Stand. Crafted from durable, powder-coated steel, this stand offers a sleek and elegant solution to clutter. Its sophisticated design seamlessly integrates into any decor, ideal for environments ranging from homes to upscale restaurants and medical offices. The rack is designed to hold up to 16 average bags, tested to support up to 50 kg or 100 lbs. It weighs just 10 lbs and arrives packaged in a convenient 9x9x9" box. Assembly is straightforward with no additional parts required, as it screws together easily. A QR code for assembly instructions or questions is provided in the package or affixed to the bottom of the rack. This product arrives unbranded, with a label provided for optional customization by the customer.

Customer Benefits: The BAG LUCK bag rack enhances security and comfort in crowded venues, increasing customer satisfaction. It allows patrons to monitor their bags easily and hang them safely, thereby expanding seating capacity, extending stay durations, and boosting spending. This design not only provides an empowering and positive experience but also enhances the overall convenience and aesthetic of the environment. Additionally, customers with bags no longer need to hold their bag behind them or on their lap, which is uncomfortable. The rack offers more comfort, allowing customers to keep an eye on their bags instead of hanging them on the back of their chair, reducing the risk of losing items to thieves or crimes aimed at stealing their purse or contents.

Business Benefits: Bag racks have shown to significantly impact revenue and customer loyalty. They double the customer experience, leading to a 1x increase in repeat visits within 4 weeks. Additionally, the improved experience for repeat customers boosts their revenue by 67%. Moreover, the increased repeat customer revenue escalates overall restaurant revenues by 119%. For an average-sized national restaurant, implementing bag racks can result in an incremental annual revenue increase of up to $7M, effectively tripling the current revenue.

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