The superstition in Mexico and Latin America says that bags on the ground brings bad luck.
We reframe that bags on a bag rack bring GOOD LUCK, hence BAG LUCK!
The benefits of mobile bag and coat racks ("los percheros") in restaurants, cafés, banks, hotels, pharmacies, hospitals, hair and nail salons, businesses and more is seen throughout the entire country when enjoying culture, music, food, tequila, beaches, music, people and business of Mexico
The Mexican "los percheros" make people feel empowered, special and secure by having a place to keep an "eye" on as well as display the most precious items all have worked so hard to achieve.  Like Mexican evil eye ("Mal de ojo") folklore believes, the eye symbolizes confidence, that nothing negative will thrive in your environment, and used as protection against negative energy and bad luck. 
BAG LUCK brings this confidence, positivity, protection and empowerment to all people. 
BAG LUCK's mission and vision is to provide all people the security, structured clarity and opportunity to feel empowered, confident and successful by keeping an eye on our precious items.   


BAG UP brings confidence, positivity, protection and empowerment to all people.

Inspired by Mexican Folklure Superstitions and Evil Eye Protection