Recommended assembly instructions

1. Prepare for assembly

  • No tools are required.
  • Open the box carefully to not have a sharp object damage the contents.
  • Lay the components on a flat surface and ideally where the trunks or poles will not roll off a heighted place such as a table. Unwrap each of the poles.
  • Hand tighten the screws contained in each of the trunk, branch trunk and plate turning right for tight or clockwise until they stop.
  • Lay the plate flat on the floor or hard surface.

2. Attached the trunks

  • Carefully and slowly align and hand tighten one trunk to the branch trunk to assure the screw teeth are attached correctly.
  • Slowly hand tighten the screw together the second trunk to the branch trunk until the trunks are flush.
  • Hand tighten the next trunk to the now together branch trunk and so forth for a total of 3 trunks for table height or 4 trunks for bar height.

3. Attach trunk to base plate

  • Once all the trunks and branch trunks are together, carefully align the trunk to the plate screw. Assure the trunk and plate are perpendicular and the base plate is on a flat surface. Once the screw teeth attach then slowly and carefully hand tighten the trunks and branch trunk to the base plate.  Hand tighten right for tight or clockwise until the trunk is firmly attached to the base plate.
  • Last check is to assure all the trunks are fully together and hand tighten the trunks and base plate flush with each each other.  Hand tighten accordingly to assure the sturdiness and strength of the bag rack bag stand.